Artwork by photographer Anna Karvounari becomes part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Avant-garde in Switzerland

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Celebrated for her self-portraits, Anna Karvounari recently announced that one of her works will be immortalised in the permanent collection of the Museum of Avant-garde in Switzerland.

Anna Karvounari´s work stands out for its unique approach on creating conceptual self-portraits in which the solitary female figure plays a central role. Through her images, she seeks to deeply explore themes related to feminine nature, while at the same time giving voice to her deepest personal feelings.

Scheduled to open in 2025, the museum will also include in its collection works by artists such as Man Ray, André Kertész, Dalí and Klee.

The permanent collection brings together prominent figures and avant-garde leaders, who dedicated their lives to push the boundaries of art in all its dimensions, to advocate the possibilities of an alternative reality, a palpable utopia in a revolutionary world, and in doing so they laid the groundwork of new artistic investigations.
The diversity and fervour of these art groups and movements shook the collective conscience of their time and redefined our understanding and interpretation of art.

Museum of Avant-garde

By Into.Gallery | December 2023

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