Gustavo Amaral

Mixed Media, Brazil

Gustavo Amaral is an artist who works and lives in São Paulo, Brazil.
Coming from the fields of journalism, fine art and visual arts, the work of Brazilian artist Gustavo Amaral covers mixed media collages, paintings and videos, exploring the interaction between architecture and the human figure. His works simultaneously capture the physical form of the body, the complexity of its inner emotions and the psyche that resides beneath the surface, investigating the concept of Architecture and Habitation.

His field of work follows a winding path in which he explores the contrast between the materiality of architecture and the enigma of self-existence. The artist’s work explores the act of inhabiting the physical structure, contrasting it with the search for an intimate and unexplored “space”.


2009 Journalism, Estácio de Sá, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


2017 Occupation and Act, Sinlogo, São Paulo, Brazil.
2016 We Are New Here, Quarto Amado, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


2019 Descontexto, Alma da Rua Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil.
Leiga invites, Zero Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil.
2018 Art Prize, London, UK.
Art Prague Galerieu Zlatého Khouta, Prague, Czech Republic.
2016 Pulse Exhibition, Verve Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil.
2014 Com Pos To, Verve Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil.
R.U.A., Kallenbach Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


2018 ArtPrize Global Artist, finalist, London, UK.

Selected artwork by Gustavo Amaral

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