Sofia Dimitrova

Painter, Bulgaria

Sofia Dimitrova is a painter who works and lives in Berlin, Germany.

Sofia Dimitrova’s artistic practice intertwines realistic techniques with darker themes, often delving into the exploration of the human body. Her creations function as a potent visual narrative that probes the essence of memory and trauma. The characters in her pieces become vessels for the expression of states of mind and identity, generating misty dreamscapes that are both deeply personal and disquietingly universal, transforming into metaphors for the intangible nature of memory.

Sofia Dimitrova’s work is characterized by the exploration of traditional materials such as ink, charcoal, and paint. The artist believes in allowing accidents to occur in her creative process, embracing the unpredictable nature of art. Her paintings combine the tangible and the intangible in the shared human experience, offering a unique perspective on the complexities of human existence.


BA Visual Communication, National Academy of Art Sofia, Bulgaria.


2023 48h Neukolln, Fleeting Territory, Orangerie, Berlin, Germany.
Insel Gallery, Fresh Legs Group Show, Berlin, Germany.
Berlin Art Week, 3AM, DSTRCT.Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
Art Number 23, Group Show, Salzburg, Austria.
Lite Haus Gallery, Black and White Group Show, Berlin, Germany.
2022 48h Neukolln, Visual Diary of my Inner Demons, Geist im Glas, Berlin, Germany.
2021 Weißensee industriebahn 12-16 Flexible Life Drawing Solo Show, Berlin, Germany.
Mehringdamm 61 Gallery – Group Show, Berlin, Germany.
 2020 KO-OP Space – Group Show, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Credo Bonum Foundation & Gallery – For positive change, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Factory Berlin – Inter Intra Human – Group Show, Berlin, Germany.
2019 Bare Hands Society – Group Show “Prints on Wood”, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2016 Rakursi Gallery – Group Show, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2012 UNION OF BULGARIAN ARTISTS – UBA, Collective Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria.


2023 Fresh Legs, Exhibition Catalogue.
2022 Article at Magazine.
2021 The Calvert Journal.
2020 Janet 45 Publishing – Cover Artwork “The Isolated Edition”.
VIJ! Magazine.
2019 VIJ! Magazine.

Selected artwork by Sofia Dimitrova

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