Axel Schneegass

Photographer, Germany

Axel Schneegass is a photographer who works and lives in Leipzig, Germany.
For the German self-taught photographer Axel Schneegass a good picture raises questions whose answers lie in the eye of the beholder. Despite the analouge and alternative photographic processes his portraits are not characterized by technical perfection, but empty spaces, missing details and visual motif contrasts. Behind those classic-looking portraits and files within minimalist approach the works show strong, vulnerable people in relatable moments. His portraits have the power to derive their strength from the stillness of their subjects.

The artist is concerned with the occult in general : “We humans are masters of masquerade, the way we dress, how we present ourselves to others and what we reveal about ourselves. All of this follows an image that we want to be perceived as. I try to allow a glimpse behind this façade, but without openly presenting hidden things. I want viewers to have access and fill in the hidden with their own thoughts, secrets and experiences. Ultimately, we’re the same here – we all have our own dark side”, says the artist.

Axel Schneegass works are silent images that have secret questions ready for the viewer. Whether it’s details hidden in shadow or blur or contrasts in content that don’t open up at first glance. The artist’s aim is for each viewer to ask and answer those questions for themselves and by themselves.


2023 In der Schwebe, gallery beyond.reality, Berlin, Germany.
2022 Analogien, gallery TschART, Leipzig, Germany.


2023 BODIES, Into.Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
Photographie Argentique, Atelier Sainte Croix des arts, Metz, France.
2022 Fotografien, Museum Schiefes Haus, Wernigerode, Germany.
2021 Monochrom, Alte um impuls, Kiel, Germany.


2023 Human Body, winner international competition life framer section –
2022 Nude, third winner international art exhibition section –
2021 Ssea and Ocean, second winner international art exhibition section –


2022 Black & White, a selection of contemporary photography, God publishing, 250 pages.
Analogie, offset art print, 128 pages, self publishing.


Selected artwork by Axel Schneegass

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