Christian Gaul

Photographer, Brazil

Christian Gaul is a Brazilian photographer who works and lives in Berlin, Germany.
Photographer and film director Christian Gaul is essentially a portraitist, as he defines himself. He graduated in Economics and German Literature from New York University and completed a year of graduate studies in photography at the New England School of Photography in Boston. In Brazil, Christian Gaul worked as a photojournalist and advertising as a fashion photographer. His portfolio includes several fashion editorials for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Playboy and Rolling Stone magazines. The artist has also done photographic reports for the sports magazine Trip, also known for its coverage of themes such as politics, sex and culture, as well for the daily brazilian newspaper “O Dia”, for which he explored daily violence in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Currently, Christian Gaul lives in Berlin, city where he explores his personal contemporary photographic art projects.

More than 20 years on the road have earned Christian Gaul the special ability to photograph celebrities and models as well the favelas of Rio de Janeiro with the same sense of consideration and sharp aesthetic sensitiveness. The concepts of reality and naturalness intertwine in Christian Gaul’s work, playing a key role in defining the empathetic nature of his photographs and how they create a sense of attraction and desire between the viewer and the work. His genuine interest in the uniqueness of people coupled with his technical skills produce a unique and fresh view on the world. The contrasts between photojournalism and fashion photography combined with an interest for the peculiarities of his portraits have become the signature of the artist. The result are images that circulate between reality and fantasy, between social denunciation and the aestheticization of the photographed subjects.


1993 Photography, New England School of Photography, Boston, USA.
1992 German Literature and Economics, New York University, New York, USA.


2006 Simples, MINIMA Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1999 Australian Portraits, São Conrado Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1998 Acts and Portraits, Grande Gallery do Centro Cultural Cândido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1994 Urban, Grande Gallery do Centro Cultural Cândido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1993 Urban Fragments, Bookmakers Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


2011 Fotografia em Revista, Museu de Arte Brasileira (MAB-FAAP), Brasilia, Brazil.
Brazilian, New York, USA.
2010 Mulheres de Verdade, São Conrado Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2009 Contra Aids, Leblon Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Fotografia em Revista, Museu de Arte Brasileira (MAB-FAAP), São Paulo, Brazil.
2007 Imagem do Som, Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2006 Love, Cartier Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil.
Simples , MINIMA Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2005 Heróis Invisíveis, Metro, São Paulo, Brazil.
2004 Heróis Invisíveis, MUBE, São Paulo, Brazil.


2022 A Head of Time, Morel Magazine, Cover + editorial, Ipsis Pub.
2016 Luana Piovani, Playboy Magazine, Cover + editorial.
2015 Publisher of  The Beach.


Samba – Imagem do Som, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Heróis Invisíveis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
São Paulo do Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil.
Cidade de Todos os Sonhos, Wide publisher, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Zona Norte, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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