Jana Jacob: “Home” a series of figurative paintings.

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I like nudity because it is pure, it unifies us all. We are not distracted by clothes or fashion.”

“Home”, a documentary about the painter Jana Jacob.

‘Home’ unfolds as a series of portraits capturing individuals in their most intimate haven: their sofas. In a stripped-down, natural state, subjects recline without the artifice of posing for an idealized form. Each moment is a revelation, a glimpse into their unguarded selves when alone and free from societal masks. The lens meticulously explores nuanced details – a subtle smile, the tactile essence of sofa fabric, or the play of incidental light – all rendered in a cool color palette. Moreover, the collection unveils the interplay between their inner and outer worlds, delving into the realms of both environmental and psychological dynamics.

Jana Jacob
Home, 2020-2021
Acrylic on canvas

By Into.Gallery | October 2023

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