Opening Into.Gallery with its first group show “BODIES” 22 approaches to the human body

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On 7 December, Into.Gallery will present the group exhibition “Bodies”, 22 approaches to the human body. On show are works by 22 artists who explore the human body in its essence and emphasise its interaction with their social environment. 22 different perspectives that use different media to illuminate the oldest subject in art history: Ourselves.

The exhibition marks the launch of the online gallery and the inauguration of their premises in the Kant-Garagen in Charlottenburg.

Participating artists:
Alvine Bautra
Anna Karvounari
Axel Schneegaß
Christian Boehmer
Christian Gaul
Erica Mizú
Gustavo Amaral
Helmut Breineder
Jana Jacob
Lilith Terra
Lluís Estopiñan
Lucas Moraes
Olga Urbanek
Petula Girndt
Renato Soares
Rima Day
Rodrigo Linhares
Roman Kasperski
Salvatore Siciliano
Xavier Masero

07 December – 2023, 18:00 – 22:00. 
Into.Gallery @ Kant-Garagen
Kantstraße 127, 
2. OG
10625 Berlin

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