Gustavo Amaral

“Creatures of the human brain landscape”

800,00 inc. Vat

Collage and acrylic painting on paper.

Dimensions: 42 cm x 60 cm 16,54 in x 23,62 in

Unique piece

Hand-signed by the Artist.
The artwork includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Frame: This artwork is unframed

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Series name: Research of the Human condition through states of Emotion
Year: 2023
Medium: Mixed Media
Style: Surrealist

The work tries to capture and investigate of the concept of habitation. The thoughts and feelings that habit our bodys and mind and the physical structures we construct as human beeings so we can live inside. It’s a search of forms and shapes that tell us more about what lies beneath our place in the universe. It is an invasive drift to the sound that comes from the soul. We occupy an opportune moment of eternity. We are meat, but we are part of a linear web that crosses streets, parks and public sidewalks. We are home to ourselves. Random travelers sailing through the wind, numb by the torment that nourishes and fuels the flaming flame of existence.


About the Artist

Coming from the fields of journalism, fine art and visual arts, the work of Brazilian artist Gustavo Amaral covers mixed media collages, paintings and videos, exploring the interaction between architecture and the human figure. His works simultaneously capture the physical form of the body, the complexity of its inner emotions and the psyche that resides beneath the surface, investigating the concept of Architecture and Habitation. His field of work follows a winding path in which he explores the contrast between the materiality of architecture and the enigma of self-existence. The artist's work explores the act of inhabiting the physical structure, contrasting it with the search for an intimate and unexplored "space".

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