Lluís Estopiñan

“Disclosed Memory 12b”

730,00 inc. Vat

Cyanotype on cardboard (medicine box).
Artwork measuring 15 x 16 cm, mounted on a 30 x 40 cm paper background.

Dimensions: 15 cm x 16 cm 5,91 in x 6,30 in

Unique piece

Signed by the artist on the front.
The artwork includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Frame: This artwork is unframed

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Series name: Disclosed Memory
Year: 2017
Medium: Photography
Style: Analogue, Cyanotype

The “Disclosed Memory” series focuses on the evocative capacity of photographs from the past, their underlying emotional moments, their physical fragility and establishes an analogy with our own memory and identity.

The cyanotype technique is applied to the backs of boxes that have fallen flat, predominantly those containing medicines, including some for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as food products. These objects represent essential elements for sustaining life and memory.

The photographic images reproduced through the contact process come from old negatives, rescued from oblivion and the threat of destruction. They carry with them their hidden history and the past moments they captured.

These images are subjected to solar exposure, a gesture that resonates with the very origin of the image latent in the negatives, bringing to life the narratives underlying my artwork. The developing process uses a mixture of tap water and seawater, both of which come from Cadaqués beach, specifically from the town of Es Colom.

About the Artist

Multidisciplinary artist Lluís Estopiñan focuses on producing works based on analogue photography, exploring the concept of memory and consciousness. His creations stand out for their post-photographic approach, combining elements of abstract painting and installation. The creative process inherent in each project opens up room for experimentation, and the surprises that arise from this process give the artist's work an unpredictable dimension. In this way, the result of his work transcends the mere creation of images, resulting in art objects.

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