Alvine Bautra

“In the Sun I feel as One”

1.650,00 inc. Vat

Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 80 cm x 45 cm 31,50 in x 17,72 in

Unique piece

Signed by the artist on the back.
The artwork includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Frame: This artwork is unframed

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Year: 2021
Medium: Painting
Style: Black & White, Portraiture

The portrait painting compositions embody the feeling of movement in slow motion. Her painted faces are in ceaceless intermediate states. These are snapshots between what was and what will be. The zooming on the faces or the seemingly calm figures are never frozen because the state of peace is utopian. The figures dance within themselves, allowing the movement of the soul, giving themselves to a peculiar trance when revelation occurs unconsciously. Alvine Bautra considers movement as a metaphor of human being, the human multi-layered nature, diversity and also uncertainty. Through the paintings she outlines the complicity of human mind and body in the existence.80

About the Artist

Latvian painter Alvine Bautra's artistic approach in her portrait compositions incorporates the sensation of slow-motion movement. In her works, the painted faces exist in a perpetual state of transition, suspended between past moments and those yet to materialise. Even within the apparent stillness of her figures, a sense of continuous movement is maintained, as genuine tranquillity remains an almost idealistic notion. In Alvine Bautra's art, the figures engage in an internal dance, with each movement mirroring the rhythm of the soul. For the artist, the concept of movement serves as an inherent metaphor for the human condition, encompassing its multifaceted layers, its diversity and the uncertainty that defines it. Through her paintings, Alvine delineates the complicity of mind and body in existence.

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