Christian Boehmer

“But in the end, there will just be silence again”

4.280,00 inc. Vat

Oil on 3 layers of cut out wood.

Dimensions: 65 cm x 110 cm 25,59 in x 43,31 in

Unique piece

Hand-signed by the Artist.
The artwork includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Frame: This artwork is unframed

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Year: 2022
Medium: Painting
Style: Surrealist, Urban

The featured artwork is a scaled-down version of a mural painted by the artist Christian Boehmer for the Níko Movement Urban Art Festival, which took place in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 2022.
The mural was executed shortly after the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, occurring in a region (Georgia) with its own poignant history of conflict with Russia. Consequently, the decision was made to create an artwork that would serve as commentary on this war, characterized by a color palette dominated by shades of gray and an evocative scene depicting a vulnerable human figure seemingly falling backward. The central figure is enveloped in a hazy veil of dissipating smoke that ultimately transforms into white doves, symbolizing peace and freedom.

About the Artist

Christian Boehmer is an artist of the urban contemporary art genre, focused on drawing, painting and Graffiti/ Muralism . After a long period working on classical graffiti his work takes a different direction developing into abstracted fine art portraiture combining dynamic and color schemes of graffiti. His concept is to focus on the human body and especially in gesture and body dynamics. The fact of hiding the human face is for the artist also a critical statement to narcissism, egoism and beauty mania.

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