The textile sculptures of Rima Day

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“My fascination with the similarity between nature and the human body manifested in matrixes that resemble blood vessels, root systems, and tree vines.”

The textile works crafted by the Tennessee-based artist Rima Day are intricately bound by trailing threads and embellished with meandering lines that traverse the page. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese talismans known as “sennibari,” these creations distinguish themselves through their detailed complexity. The term “sennibari” translates to “knots of a thousand people” and has historical roots in times of conflict, wherein women would enlist friends, family, and even strangers to tie knots in fabrics. These knotted textiles were then presented to soldiers as a protective measure.

In Day’s renditions, the dangling threads are suspended from books, emblematic articles of communication and knowledge exchange, with winding systems penetrating their translucent surfaces. Day delves into the symbolism of the red thread, acknowledged as a representation of human connection in Japan. Furthermore, he articulates his fascination with the parallels between nature and the human body, materializing in matrices reminiscent of blood vessels, root systems, and tree vines.

By Into.Gallery | December 2023

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