Beyond the Surface: The Self-Portrait in Deciphering the Creative Soul

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Self-portraiture, a subcategory within the broad artistic genre of portraiture, unfolds through mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, or photography. Under the artist’s lens, it morphs into a profound exploration of intrinsic qualities and the psychology of the creator.

The earliest traces of this phenomenon trace back to ancient eras, finding resonance in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. However, its autonomy as an artistic genre flourished in the intricacies of the 15th century and the Renaissance.

Diversifying into multiple nuances, self-portraits can range from depictions of the artist immersed in their creative process to psychological portraits capturing moral and internal nuances. Symbolism, allegory, non-literality, and disguise are common features in this genre. Another category is that of incorporated self-portraits, where the artist’s image is concealed within a group or a more intricate scene, challenging the observer’s interpretation.

Artists such as Lilith Terra, Anna Karvounari and Olga Urbanek adeptly employ the self-portrait technique as an intrinsic means to unveil the essence of their artistic work. For these contemporary creators, the self-portrait transcends mere visual representation, becoming an essential vehicle for self-analysis, self-definition, and a crucial tool for deciphering the cultural and social norms that permeate their artistic expression.

Lilith Terra

As a highly qualified professional Lilith Terra has been working since 24 years in the complex, intrigating, fascinating field of psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy. Her images seek to break through surfaces exploring the deepness of inner dialogues through rooms, shadow plays and the representation of interpersonal-inner disputes.
Her work tells stories. Those stories are voyeuristic-looking, intense as coherent analysis on real situations, sessions and experiences inviting the viewers into a reflection that creates a powerful expression of an intimate world.

Discover the work of Lilith Terra.

Anna Karvounari

Anna Karvounari’s work stands out for its unique approach on creating conceptual self-portraits in which the solitary female figure plays a central role. Through her images, she seeks to deeply explore themes related to feminine nature, while at the same time giving voice to her deepest personal feelings. For the artist, the act of creating self-portraits transcends the realm of simple image capture, becoming a powerful exercise in self-reflection and an ongoing internal dialogue. Her ability to integrate conceptual and emotional elements in her creations culminates into a visual narrative that encourages the viewer to explore the dimensions as the nuances of human experience particularly in the context of femininity.

Discover the work of Anna Karvounari.

Olga Urbanek

Polish artist Olga Urbanek’s photographic work is deeply inspired by the world of painting, accompanied by fusions of various artistic traditions including ancient Greece, the Renaissance as well as the thought-provoking landscapes of surrealism. Although he collaborates with musicians and artists from different disciplines and backgrounds, self-portraiture is a significant part of his work. Between cheerful colour palettes and surreal landscapes lies a subtle complexity, a second layer of meaning.
Enigmatic figures and a touch of vibrant colour result in a visual tapestry urging the viewer to explore the boundaries between dream and reality.

Discover the work of Olga Urbanek.

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